Parents of lost skiers, POLS, is a support and fundraising group for friends and loved ones of lost skiers
Lost Skiers
To help, encourage and support parents who have
lost a child to the mountains and to support
the safety and the education of young people
who feel the call of the mountains
is a Canadian nonprofit organization established to help those parents, in North America, who are left behind when a son or daughter dies as a result of a skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or snowmobiling accident in the mountains. Its intent is to give the kind of help that can only be given by those who have been through it, those who speak the same language of this kind of loss. Its second objective is to support mountain safety and education.

The founder, Beth Stewart (above) of West Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada, lost her son Trevor Petersen in an avalanche in Chamonix, France on February 26, 1996. Since then she has found that for true support and understanding, there is nothing like speaking to someone who has been there. POLS was founded in 1998.
If you are a parent who has lost your child or you know of someone - contact may be made by
Telephone: 604-926-8400
OR mail:
Ste. 137 - 2151 Gordon Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 1W1
Once contact is made other parents are available to help and offer support. POLS also offers a Companion Journal which contains material that will assist with the uncharted territory of loss and grieving. In addition, guest speakers are available to lead Talking Circles
or to speak at events.
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POLS believes in promoting safety on our mountains.
Remembering our loved one for the happiness they brought into our lives is what our Photo Gallery is all about. Be sure and check it out! We invite all parents or family members who've
lost someone to the mountains to
contact us at to submit your pictures for the Gallery.

Trevor Petersen

"There comes a time when one must risk something, or sit forever with one's dreams"

...quote found written in one of Trevor's notebooks.

Photo by Paul Morrison

Neil Falkner

"There is value in a life fully lived."

...quote found in Neil's diary

Shane Block

"To live a life of immortality one must first live a life worth remembering"

...quote written in one of Shane's many photograph albums...and on the bench.

Memorial bench for Shane at the
Rogers Pass Summit rest stop - donated by
his High School, Okanagan Mission Secondary
in Kelowna, B.C.

Jared Stanley

Living With Risk
“It is not a mystery but it is complex. My life experience tells me that if one wants to avoid avalanche danger, one should stay in bed - and make sure that the house is not in an avalanche path.”
—Andre Roch

This is a quote used by Jared on one of his papers on avalanche research.

Jared was studying at the University of British Columbia. He died on January 11, 2005 during a blizzard on Mt. Seymour which overlooks the City of Vancouver.

"Shaun worked to live, he didn’t live to work !”

Shaun (Shaggy) Kratzer

18th August 1976 – 7th February 2007
Photographer -“Adventurer”



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Steve Smaridge

Steve Smaridge, or Stevie as he was known to his legion of friends was a mountaineer, hiker, kayaker and at one with nature wherever he found himself. Coming west from Ottawa, his home, he settled into the mountain life at Whistler. Unfortunately he met an untimely death in a kayak accident on the Cheakamus River.
A gentle person, who listened so well and really cared about those he called friends, the shock of his death reverberated from one side of Canada to the other. He will always be remembered for his variety of skills but also for his kindness, caring and loyalty to all he met. We know you are finding good companions and good places to climb, wherever you are, Stevie! You are missed.

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